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Generators is one of our major specialization area. Core Systems LLC deals with sales, installation, commissioning, service, repair, Testing, maintenance of all Generator brands. Generators being an emergency backup systems should be tested every three months. For Clients we are routinely performing all types of load and non-load testing at their site.



In an electric power system, switchgear is the arrangement of electrical disconnects switches, electrical fuses or power circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate connected electrical equipment. High, low voltage switchgear (LV)and transformer services is therefore an essential, yet potentially hazardous, element in the provision of power to your business and involves extensive levels of knowledge and expertise.



CoreSystems offers a complete range of power and distribution transformers designed to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial, and commercial applications. CoreSystems is a major transformer distributer throughout the world and offers both liquid-filled and dry-type transformers as well as services for complete life-cycle support, including replacement parts and components.


Electrical Testing & Thermographic Inspection Service

Planned Preventive Maintenance Service

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Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) Sales and Maintenance


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Importance of Transformer Inrush Current (on photo: Data Center Power Transformer

Importance of Transformer Inrush Current

Residual Flux When a transformer is taken off-line, there will be a certain amount of residual flux that can remain in the core due to the properties of the magnetic core material. The residual flux can be as much as 50 to 90% of the maximum operating flux, depending on the type of core steel. […]

ups maintenance servicing

UPS Maintenance and Servicing UAE

After 10 years of successful uninterrupted operation, the UPS systems in our data center failed. Although this incident stranded us without power for only minutes, the recovery process took months. In the post-mortem search for a smoking gun, we removed buckets of failed components, including diodes, capacitors, printed circuit boards, SCRs, fuses, and even control […]

UPS Maintenance

General Requirements For Operation and Maintenance Of Battery Cells

General Requirements For Operation and Maintenance Of Battery Cells Primary battery cells Primary battery cells cannot be recharged and once their energy is depleted they should be disposed off in the manner recommended by the manufacturer. The cells should be examined occasionally during their life for signs of leakage or physical deformation. IMPORTANT! Chemical hazards […]

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Core Systems LLC is an established Company head office located Dubai United Arab Emirates, specializes in the manufacture of Low Voltage Switchgear panels and all brands electrical products sales and services with an extensive client in the local and Middle East & Africa sector.  Core Systems supplies Switchgear, Transformer generator UPS/Battery and electrical products to markets in the Middle East & Africa.

Core Systems is authorized by Schneider Electric to offer and use their components for the manufacture of low voltage switchgear. Core Systems has been using Schneider Electric's low voltage circuit breakers for many years and have had a very satisfactory response from its list of clients. The Staff of Core Systems is fully trained in the professional use of all Schneider Electric's low voltage components and strictly following all quality requirements. All manufacturing quality and test procedure are continuously provided and done to guarantee a satisfactory performance of all our products.



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