Generator set is a power backup solution in case of power emergencies are used for functioning of electrical devices. Especially in offices, it is capital asset that wants regular checking by an expert.

We could see that many large organizations maintain relationship with the Annual Maintenance Contracts for better backup solutions in office generators.

Core Systems is one of the leading Service  provider with quality work in the field of  Generator Servicing and annual maintenance contract (AMC) in UAE.

Tasks of Annual Maintenance Contract of Office Generator Sets

  1. Up gradation or elimination of damaged parts
  2. Up gradation and changes in fuel filter and air filter as and when required
  3. Inspection of the battery and physical wire connections
  4. Periodic checks of fluid levels
  5. Regular checks and supervising of control panel readings and indicators
  6. Inspection of the battery and physical wire connections
  7. Available on call

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract for Generators

An Annual maintenance contract service give standard and protective maintenance for the trustworthy operation for office generators. The experts are available round the clock and you can call the experts at any time if the generator needs a revamp for better functioning. We can even give you help when there is a sudden breakdown.


  • Refurbishing of installed & working DG Sets
  • Maintenance of DG Sets
  • Maintaining limited stocks of Spare Parts
  • Monthly logging parameters like Temperature, current drawn by motors , cleaning pressure& Oil Temperature etc.
  • Preparing maintenance schedule for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Planning & execution for annual shut down
  • The Controllers expected in good working condition while accepting the contract
  • All recommended tools, instruments, clothe, CTC, lubricants, oils, etc., is in the scope of the customer. In addition, we demand the customer to give basic help to our technician like material handling equipment, semi-skilled labour etc.
  •  The customer expected to keep available the said machine / s or other facilities. In case of any difficulty the date should change in advance by mutual consent. Alternatively the visits will treat as completed
  • It is possible that machine covered under the plan can breakdown. Our services will in any case be available in such event at an extra cost
  • We can also undertake overhaul/repairs of sub-assemblies / assemblies at an extra cost
  • To make sure the minimal downtime the customer is suggested to order and stock of all the required
  • Spares for Preventive Maintenance Contract in advance. The list of spares is available on the net for standard models or can demand. In any case, our representative will hand over such list during finalizing the contract
  • In order to induce the most effective result, the customer should carry out the proper maintenance according to the instructions given within the manual. Preventive maintenance should carry out according to the laid down format enclosed. However, we will be open to carry out any job over and higher than the scope of preventive maintenance at an additional cost. We shall be entitled to cancel the agreement within the matter of change of ownership or place of the said machine
  • Either party is entitled to cancel the agreement at any time giving one month’s advance notice, or client is entitled to refund of the advance on pro-rata basis for the unexpired period of the agreement
  • If  preceding to offering the machine for Preventive Maintenance Contract the machine is given for overhauling, a lump sum quotation towards service charges will offer with authorized service charges as above

With uninterruptible power supply maintenance agreements, the level of coverage is directly proportional to the price. Typically, the larger the budget, the higher the level of coverage. The three main levels of coverage are preventive inspections only, remedial labor enclosed, and remedial parts included.

Preventive maintenance inspections verify the posture of equipment at a given time. It is important to check by the service providers to make sure the equipment’s performance matches the manufacturer’s specifications with no discernible pending failures.

For years, most UPS manufacturers recommended a minimal of two inspections per year. Some have modified their recommendation to one per year, probably in response to a fusion of equipment improvements and competitive market pressures. As an ultimate user, you need to make a value judgment as to the number of inspections you want in a given period. Also, make certain to verify that the number of preventive maintenance inspections specified equals the number quoted. Most experienced UPS service engineers would probably agree on two inspections per year as the desired minimal.

Agreements with remedial labor included cover failed-equipment repairs. This helps to offset the “budget busting” expenditures generated by unforeseen failures especially if the remedial coverage

Written by Praveen

Generator Annual Maintenance Contract