Control Panel Installation and Maintenance Process - Ensuring System Reliability

How is Control Panel Installation Performed?

  • The Control Panel should be mounted on the position decided by the General Contractor according to the Interconnect Drawings.
  • The Control Panel is indicated by a ( ) on the Interconnect Drawing. If there are several Control Panels for the installation, they will be marked with their selected location and labeled to match with the Interconnect Drawings.
  • Before mounting the Control Panel to the wall, be sure enough clearance is provided to install the Trunk Line and Power Insert cables as required.
  • Firmly place the Control Panel onto the wall according to industry standard mounting routines.
  • Open the front panel to reveal the inside of the Control Panel. Configure the AC Power wiring as shown on the silver panel.
  • Once the AC Power is installed, turn the Control Panel on.
  • Confirm the green light is lit on the front of the Control Panel and then turn the Control Panel off.
  • An overlooked issue with larger control panels is the need to power test equipment and appliances, such as vacuums used for maintenance. Add adequate receptacles at suitable locations, rather than ensuring the need for extension cords, and permit these in your rough layout.
  • The NEC requires marking every panel with its short circuit current rating (SCCR) [409.110]
  • Grounding: Ensure there’s no change of potential between enclosure parts and any close by metallic objects. Install an equipment grounding (bonding) conductor or grounding (bonding) bus sized.
  • Workmanship: In a cabinet installed with good workmanship, the wires are neatly bundled, run in gutters or similar supports, and routed with smooth radius bends — and all terminals, wires, and components have identification labels.
  • A good labeling strategy conserves time and decreases mistakes in testing, terminating, maintenance and repair. Don’t use handwritten labels. You can choose from many available labeling solutions to produce legible, durable labels in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Precaution to be Taken During Installation

Given below are additional factors need to be considered when approving the installation of an open industrial control panel, some of which include:

  • Study and obey manufacturer’s installation guidelines, which might define a particular application necessity
  • Verify suitability for installation and use in conformity with the provisions of the NEC
  • Confirm the mechanical durability and strength of the required enclosure is satisfactory to guard the open industrial control panel
  • Make sure the enclosure does not intrude in the necessary wire bending and conductor termination area required for a safe installation

Any other features that add to the shielding of persons handling or probable to come in contact with the open industrial control panel, like exposure to live parts, arch flash hazards, and proper grounding or bonding-just to name a few. 

Regular Maintenance of Control Panel

There is no standardized protocol for the maintenance of control panels, however we tend to live by the old adage prevention rather than the cure.

  • Pest control: This may consist of a rodent trap in one corner. Whatever method, ensure it is inspected periodically.
  • Dust control: Clear out the gathered dust from the cabinet floors by vacuuming, remembering it’s an energized cabinet — follow the applicable procedures.
  • Connection control: Retightening terminal screws leads to lose connections. As a replacement for unintentionally over-tightening terminal screws, utilise an infrared gun to find out which terminals have high resistance. Disassemble, clean, and reassemble.
  • Insulation: An insulation resistance testing program is the best way to prevent wiring failures.

Where is Control Panel Installation Necessary?

When it comes to the industrial workshop electrical supply or overall control in your commercial business the control panel is the heart of each machine, tool, and operation. If you want to reduce the expenses and time consumption and technologically develop your facility, install a control panel. Industries (small or large) huge flats, etc. would need control panel installation.

But a badly designed or incompatible panel can make the act of running operations effortlessly a terrifying ordeal. It is always advisable to take proper care of control panel and hand over the installation and maintenance routines to expert hands.

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How is Control Panel Installation and Maintenance Done