The purpose of commissioning is to satisfy pre-determined standards, that all the equipment erection is correct and that all the equipment connections and cables have been installed in accordance with the approved erection drawings and diagrams. Furthermore to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the client that the foregoing work has been done and that the equipment functions as designed.

  • The Commissioning Procedures’ as detailed in this document will be carried out by Commissioning Teams’ under the direction of the Principal Commissioning Engineer (PCE). The PCE will take overall responsibility for the documentation, drawings, liaison with the client, commissioning lists and methods, supervision and direction of the commissioning teams and clients approval and acceptance.
  • The format of the commissioning teams will vary of course from contract to contract as the work content and demands change. Normally the PCE will be supported by one or more Senior Commissioning Engineers (SCE) who are authorized to deputies for the PCE in his absence. The appropriate Factory Test Engineers (FTE) and any Subcontractor Commissioning Engineers (CE) will also form an essential part of the team.
    The Commissioning Proceduresdocument covers the normal operational and electrical pre-commissioning and commissioning test and checks. It is not intended to cover the post-erection mechanical’ checks that the (FTE’s) carry out as part of their installation responsibility.
  • To avoid any confusion in this respect this document covers all of the tests and checks that are genuinely considered part of the commissioning procedures to be carried out by the commissioning team and therefore under the direction of the PCE.
  • To ensure that the commissioning procedures are carried out as effec­tively and efficiently as possible it is vital that co-operation and flexibility is paramount between the various personnel involved, viz erection engineers (factory and sub-contractor), factory test engineers, commissioning engineers and clientsrepresentatives
Written by Praveen

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