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VFD Panel Installation and Commissioning Process - Ensuring Operational Efficiency

What is VFD?

A Variable Frequency Drive is a kind of motor controller that operates an electric motor by changing the voltage and frequency provided to the electric motor. Other names for a VFD are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, Microdrive, and inverter.

For AC motors, VFD have been the invention that brought back into prominence, the use of AC motors. The AC-induction motor can have its speed changed by changing the frequency of the voltage used to power it. This indicates that if the voltage given to an AC motor is fifty hertz, the motor operates at its valued speed. If the frequency is increased above 50 Hz, the motor will run faster than its rated speed, and if the frequency of the supply voltage is less than 50 Hz, the motor will run slower than its rated speed. According to the variable frequency drive working principle, it’s the electronic controller specifically designed to change the frequency of voltage supplied to the induction motor


VFD Installation

Whichever system is considered, they only want to run at peak load i.e. one to ten percent of the functional time, so a VFD can decrease the amount of energy being unused throughout the over ninety percent of the leftover time.

Presently, VFDs are being constructed into numerous other systems, but, they can also be inserted to some present systems through a retrofit.  If retrofitting a system with a drive, check with a professional to balance the drive with the motor and the already existing system and motor.  Making sure they are properly matched is very important in making sure you gain the highest efficiency possible.

Why is VFD Used?

The VFD, often called an ac drive or inverter, takes a single- or three-phase signal and varies the speed of a three-phase ac induction motor. This is its main benefit. Running a motor more slowly can save significant energy, and speed changes may be useful to the application. Another big benefit is adjustable acceleration and deceleration. A smaller amount of acceleration can unstiffen the mechanical forces at starting /of the motor and reduce inrush current. The VFD also has built-in overload protection and motor start/stop control functions.

Variable frequency Drive, better known as VFD Control panel is a complete enclosure that helps to protect numerous electronic components and also VFD in the first place. Exposing VFD dust and windy environment can affect the drive to a great extent and that is why it is important to get VFD Panels installed.

One of the main reasons why VFD control panels have become so important is because they help to keep all electric components in one single place. In fact, it is treated as a comprehensive control solution for harmonic filtering, bypass and various other electric solutions. Over the years, control panels for VFD have gone under the scanner for improving the efficiency, but the ones that are used now are completely safe and highly functional.

Written by Praveen

What is VFD and Why is VFD Used