Field Service Automation Process - Streamlining Operations

Benefits of Field Service Automation

  • Delight Customers
  • Generate Revenue Faster
  • Interactive Scheduling
  • Efficient scheduling and dispatching (including redirecting technicians to customers based on expertise, location, and availability)
  • Providing a singular window of visibility into all resources (including integration with backend systems like CRM, accounting, and inventory management)
  • Comprehensive data analytics that provide insights into customer behavior and the ability to make better predictions
  • Technician location tracking with real-time job updates and vehicle tracking with GPS route optimization
  • Customer portals that facilitate real-time communication with technicians via messaging
  • Automation Means Accuracy
  • Integrated payment processing and invoice generation
  • Regulatory compliance at every stage


When Do You Need Field Service Automation?

If you are utilizing various types of data and intricate spreadsheets to cope up your field service business or even heavy-duty software, it is the phase to reconsider field service. CoreSystems from GE Digital’s field service automation software helps enterprise businesses improve efficiency and decrease costs.

CoreSystems’s cloud-based field service solution guarantees customer satisfaction. It helps to achieve business agility and increased productivity. Our field service automation provision to:

  • Assign exact field tech with the correct parts and task
  • Avert warranty leakage and drive service revenue
  • Monitor repairs, returns and parts across the field service network
  • Provide anytime and anywhere access to field techs with CoreSystems Mobile
  • Offer self-service tools to customers
  • Attain analytics that provide immediate inputs on dashboards and reports.

With CoreSystems, perfecting field service becomes a breeze.

The concept of Internet of Things has changed the field service automation model to one where machines are expressing the field service software when there is a matter that wants to be addressed. When equipment is working outside normal parameters, it pre-emptively prompts a service call and schedules a maintenance request. This results in lower administration costs and improves uptime of a vital piece of equipment.

CoreSystems FSA can provide the automatic updates needed to keep a business running smoothly. Service managers can configure and create reports on service to foresee problems or identify recurring problems with pieces of equipment. The flexibility of the Business Intelligence feature can give managers insight into the business in real-time, offering a way to be proactive in their services and business decisions, as opposed to reacting to trends that can be identified through automation.

CoreSystems’s many integrations with accounting software, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite, offers time-saving automation. Data entry completed in either software can connect with CoreSystem to create client profiles that can be used by dispatchers when creating work orders. These automations can go straight from the field, as service technicians can sign off on work orders that, through the integration, can create invoices that are immediately sent to the customer.

Field service automation is about many different things in unique areas that, combined, can speed up multiple processes of the work order, assigning a schedule and billing, while keeping a focus on being proactive in maintenance schedules, as opposed to reacting to a problem after it has already caused downtime.

Written by CoreSystems

When Do You Need Field Service Automation, What are the Benefits of Field Service Automation